Browser Based Time Tracking for your office

Qlaqs WebCenter

Easy time entry, clear structure and detailed reports. Check plausibility for yourself and your team. Detect gaps within your working times and measure your success on a daily basis. Manage your team and keep up-to-date.

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The WebCenter is the guardian of your data. You can book working times in the WebCenter or you can deliver working times and scans with our apps, Timesheet, Route, Timegate and Scan, directly into the WebCenter.

Quick overview - of nearly everything

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A daily updated success and budget control system

Evaluate your working times and identify your revenue, gross profit and budget consumption of all your customers, projects and tasks with the help of your expenses and your hourly rates. Always up-to-date and reliable.

Independent from your operating system!





5€/ user/ month

Basic Functions    
Track working time ✓ ✓
Create, edit and delete customers, projects and tasks ✓ ✓
Budgeting and budget control of projects and tasks ✓ ✓
Watch earnings and expenses ✓ ✓
Simple project reports ✓ ✓
Data access and export    
Data access en route ✓ ✓
Export reports ✓ ✓
Limited reports: after 30 days the report will be limited to 6 weeks in the past ✓  
Unlimited reports   ✓
Sharing your current report view ✓ ✓
Synchronisation between one mobile device and Qlaqs WebCenter ✓  
Synchronisation between multiple mobile devices and and Qlaqs WebCenter   ✓
Create several employees   ✓
Assign projects to employees   ✓
Acces the data of your employees or coworkers   ✓
Use unlimited reports   ✓
Sync several devices per user   ✓

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If your free account has not been used for more than 6 weeks, it will eventually be deleted.

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