Qlaqs Pro costs 5 € (incl. 19% VAT) per user and month

Qlaqs Lite is free of charge

30 days free trial

Try Qlaqs Pro during 30 days for free. Invite multiple users and benefit from all functions and features. At the end of your trial period, your account will be set automatically to the Lite version.

Qlaqs Lite

Basically, you can use our Qlaqs WebCenter permanently for free with the Lite account. However, the Lite version has the following limitations: sync with only one mobile device, no watermark free reporting, no team function and reporting limitation to 6 weeks in the past. The Lite account can be upgraded to the Pro version at anytime.

Qlaqs Pro

The WebCenter Pro account offers you unlimited reporting possibilities, synchronization with multiple devices, comfortable teamwork by additional user accounts and PDF reports for quick accounting. The Pro account costs 5 € per user per month incl. 19% VAT. No refunds.

Maturities and period of notice

You can choose between different maturities. We currently offer the maturities, month, quarter, year and 2 years. You can terminate your Pro account at the end of the chosen duration.

Payment method

Payment is made according to the selected maturity through our partners Braintree and PayPal. BrainTree accepts the following payment methods: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and some debit cards. SEPA direct debit (EU wide standard) is also an option you might choose to configure in your PayPal account which points then to your regular bank account with IBAN and BIC. Also mind that PayPal offers company accounts in the meantime which are best suited for business-to-business payments.

Billing for your co-workers

The Pro account includes one user license. In the shop in your account you can add additional user licenses. Each additional Pro user license costs € 5 per user, per month incl. 19% VAT. Only active users will be charged, archived user won´t be charged.