Qlaqs For Your Mobile Business


Mobile recording of working times for your iPhone and your Android smartphone. Regardless if you are in the field or on your office you may track what you did in your project, write notes for billing and structure your work with TODO tickets. While you are out in the field the back office may prepare documents for you end send it via your Journal or as part of a ticket based workflow.


Whether on the daily way to your office or on the drive to a construction site - Route is your all-time ready companion telling you where you have been and for how long. Such you may do your billing or working time recording even may days later when you might not remember the exact times any more.

...in the field and in your office


Giving up on paper documents and going for digital documents is getting easier with scanning paper in the field. Regardless if you (or your employees) used to loose occasionally some receipts for book keeping or had trouble with travel expenses: the mobile scanning and workflow solution in Qlaqs will stop it.

For your custom business processes Qlaqs offers also a service to implement your workflows into Qlaqs' form engine individually.

Timegate and Terminal

A punch clock is still of much use even in companies where smartphones are ubiquitious. For the use in smaller offices we offer a smartphone based app which may be used as a common punch clock for all employees who have no access to a desktop computer or refuse to use their smartphone. It may be used to book manually on the UI or via NFC tags.

For rough environments like in a factory or workshop we also offer a classic NFC/RFID terminal which may be installed and mounted on a wall.